Saturday, June 27, 2009

Don't Take This Personally... But I've Decided You Don't Exist

She was beautiful, but our time together was only a season and she was gone.

Murray called me last week with an idea. A terrible idea. A painful idea. He wanted to get rid of a minor character. Not just any character, one of my favorite characters. So I wasn't letting her go without a fight.

Come on Murray. She has the funniest bit in the whole story.

No she doesn't. Because she's not even part of the story.

But she represents so many themes we want in the film.

We'll fit them in some other way.

We can't. She will seriously be a lot of people's favorite thing about the movie.

So now they'll have a different favorite bit.

And we're already short on female characters anyway.

We can't keep her just to meet some quota in your head.

I had lots of arguments, but there was one major problem I couldn't overcome.

She wasn't important.

She was only there because it was fun to have her in the movie. We added her when we were fleshing out the main character because she was part of his past and she represented the way things would be if he settled for an ordinary life.

But our tragic mistake was never weaving her into the plot. She was just these funny moments that interrupted the real story. I blame myself.

Maybe we could keep her in the story and find a way to make her more integral to the plot. But we're already looking for ways to reduce the page count.

So now she's gone. I know I'll miss her.

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